Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging the Sterling :: Strategies for managing and motivating the Gen-Why workforce (Part 2)

So, what could we say about Gen Y? Ms. Oberle provides a few generalizations of common traits of Gen Y.

As a generality, they are:
  • Impatient. They've grown up in a world of instant gratification, and they want it and they want it now.

  • Adaptable. They embrace change and demand change; they go with the flow. They thrive in change.

  • Innovative. They are ultimate risk takers and speak their mind. They seek out new ways of doing things; they tinker and embrace new technologies.

  • Efficient. Gen Y members use minimal resources and effort to get the most bang for the buck. Okay, you might think they're lazy, but it's just a different set of priorities.

  • Desensitized, but not dehumanized. They've seen so much on TV and in real life, that in order to deal, they've become desensitized.

  • Disengaged. Their minds are more like a DVD than a VCR; they flit and fly from task to task. They seek a loose structure.

  • Skeptical. They’ve been conned too many times before. They're invariably skeptical; call them Doubting Thomas, perhaps.

  • Resilient. They've been exposed to so much that they take things in stride and move on.

  • Bluntly expressive. They've been encouraged all their lives to to speak their minds, so they do.

  • Committed and fiercely loyal to what they believe in. When they have a passion and felt valued by the organization they can do amazing and awesome things.
Of course, these are generalizations, a mere mental model to help us understand those Generation Y members we work with and interact with and live with.

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