Friday, December 12, 2003

What are we truly about?

I learned today that my colleague was "let go" earlier this week. Currently serving as a consultant in southern Florida, he was told yesterday that his employment was being terminated at the close of business yesterdy. I am devastated? An excellent consultant, a knowledgeable consultant, he helped our organization in a myriad of ways. Let go not for ethical breach, but for some nearly non-descript reason, he's out on the street.

My question I'll post here (and I'll vent at my Tidewater Musings) is this: What are we really about? Our we about getting and keeping and developing excellence? Or is that something we just claim to be about, when we are really about pettiness and power and fear?

Michael, perhaps you are correct (see his "Conspiracy Theories Abound" posting below... from 11/06/2003)