Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging the Sterling :: Strategies for managing and motivating the Gen-Why workforce (Part 3)

So, what are some things that leaders can do to lead members of Gen Y. Here are a few suggestions from Ms. Oberle.
  1. Explain why. Don’t tell them to clean a space, but tell them why it’s important for the space to be clean... Reminds me of a conversation I had earlier this spring with the CO and XO of one of our Integrated Support Commands. They were talking about how they treat those enlisted members who are temporarily assigned to the ISC -- you know, in some places they're known as the sick, the lame, the lazy; at this particular ISC, those terms aren't permitted. And, at this particular ISC, the leadership goes out of their way to let the Gen Y members know the why behind tasks such as cleaning up the trash around the front gate or any other task. They get the why.

  2. Use this model: Teach ---> Do ---> Praise The moment you stop noticing their performance and effort is the moment they stop improving. Look for opportunities to recognize the right behaviors; be specific. Gen Y love the spotlight and to be recognized by peers.

  3. Avoid predictability. Mix things up. Don't do the same old thing the same old way every time. Give them some fun, some intrigue.
I know, just good, old-fashioned leadership tips.

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