Sunday, February 05, 2006

Job opportunity here in Hampton Roads

hampton - fort monroe
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Folks, here's a great looking job that any of us are qualified for.

One note, it is at Fort Monroe which is slated for BRAC closure; the job will shift to Fort Eustis just a bit up the road.
Incumbent plans and conducts both short-term and long-range strategic studies and reviews other broad scale actions/projects associated with Futures Center goals, efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced manning which directly affect the resource posture and the accomplishment of the Futures Center mission. Assesses the impact of resource and programmatic constraints upon the Futures Center organizational structure, management systems, and/or utilization of personnel. Provides guidance and direction for areas of studies/projects. Establishes overall milestones, conducts meetings, and consolidates staff notes/comments for response to installations and activities. Directs Futures Center efforts in responding to taskings/inquiries from other MACOMS and HQDA and activities. Conducts or participates in conferences relative to resource and programmatic implications of proposed actions and or organizations.
Job closes in 10 days; get to work on that application!

P.S. And, no, I'm not applying. I have current apps in at independent boarding schools here in Virginia and in Minnesota; the positions are English faculty, dean of students, and counselor/director of student support services.