Friday, August 21, 2009

I might chaff under it, but we need it: To be managed like a firm...

I've been toying with this whole notion that, more than a dozen years after we first discussed it, at least as I recollect, we are actually forming a more cohesive consulting organization, one which, I hope, serves the Coast Guard better than we do today.

To that end, I've been giving thought to what regional management of the firm might look like, and one thing that is clear is we ought to have some sort of way for clients to engage us for specific gigs. I thought of the industrial's work and how they use Industrial Service Orders to help manage and administer their work. Nothing gets done without a complete ISO, which includes an assigned number. And I thought, why not us?

So, I propose the Consulting Service Order, or CONSO (so as not be confused with the myriad CSO acronymns) for the organizational performance consultant cadre; something like:

What changes ought I make? What information would you collect for an initial request for a consulting gig?