Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live KM blogging: A Knowledge Management "Maturity Model"

Here's a little something Carla O'Dell shared with us today: a KM Maturity Model. When Dr. O'Dell presented it, the model was pretty; this will be pretty plain.

LEVEL I: Initiate :: Growing awareness

{{ Ad hock knowledge }}

LEVEL II: Develop :: Localized & repeatable practices

{{ Applied knowledge }}

LEVEL III: Standardize :: Common processes & approaches

{{ Enabled knowledge }}

LEVEL IV: Optimize :: Measured & Adaptive

{{ Scalable knowledge }}

LEVEL V: Innovate :: Continuously improving practices

So, where do you think the Coast Guard, as an enterprise organization, is?

I'm thinking we mgiht be a Level III organization when it comes to knowledge management, although I don't think that's from anything the CKO's organization has done for us.

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