Thursday, May 01, 2008

Live KM blogging: And speaking of the CKO

I had an interesting conversation with a few KM professionals here at the conference about where a Chief Knowledge Officer might fall within the organizational line diagram.

The Coast Guard's CKO is in CG-6. I think.

When the CKO is home in the information technology world, then the CKO has a technology focus. And knowledge management is not all about IT. Sure, there's an IT component in KM, but that's not all there is to KM.

In some organizations, the CKO is the HR world; CG-1 for the Coast Guard.

In other organizations, the CKO is in the performance management realm; that would put it in CG-0931.


Well, gentle reader, where do you think the CKO ought to reside within the Coast Guard organization?

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