Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live KM blogging: How KM can help with "modernization"

One of the things Admiral Allen has talked about in his modernization stump talk is the need not for us to manage change, but to become a change centric organization... that is to say, we need to become an organization which embraces change and can do so no matter the currents.

As the poplularists would tell us, change is here to stay. We live in a whitewater world.

Cliches, true, but alos true.

One of the business cases for knowledge management is that it makes the organization smarter. Knowlege management makes it so that tacit knowledge become explicit; knowledge management makes it so you can see the world that was envisioned in the 7th District years ago: What if everyone knew everything? That was their university Knowledge management helps an organization move through change.

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