Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live KM blogging: Do we have any "communities of practice" in the Coast Guard?

Well, if you're a Coastie and you're reading this, you likely belong to a community of practice.

I think we have communities of practice within the Coast Guard. Some are formal, such as the performance consultants out of CG-1 and the organizational performance consultants from CG-09. Each of these communities of practice use CG Central; each gets together each year to share knowledge.

The Gold Badge network.

There are some informal communities of practice. The MK Shop is an example of an informal (and unofficial) community of practice.

Rating study groups at units.

Cutter commanding officers.

The list goes on.

What we seem to be lacking is good ways to actually share knowledge, to get that tacit knowledge out of the heads of the people who have it and into the heads of those who don't.

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