Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Live KM blogging: APQC to unleash new knowlege management blog

Tomorrow morning, APQC is going to unveil a new knowledge management blog, KM Edge. the good news is that the site is online today (in beta), and a quick stumble about the site shows that this is going to be an excellent resource.

Coasties, you ought to know that Coast Guard forks over nearly ten grand a year to be a member organization of the APQC. This is one that's well worth the coin. For one thing, there's direct benefit for you. While the blog is in the open, APQC has a slew of stuff -- including benchmarking information and hard core white papers -- available for download (for free) for employees of member organizations. You merely need to visit the APQC website and click the free registration button in the upper right corner. You'll need to register with your email address to get the benefits of membership. Worth your time.

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