Monday, April 02, 2007

How to get things done

Patrick Star, Getting Things Done
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Doug Sundheim at Fast Companies Expert Blogs suggests most of us need to simplify through focus. He notes
Simplicity isn't simple. Complexity is simple. Anyone can make something complex. Read the front page of any newspaper. You'll find complex problems everywhere. Look into your own life. You'll find complex forces at play. Complexity is the natural state of things. Sophistication lies in your ability to SIMPLIFY complexity. It lies in your ability to make sense of the world around you. You can't do everything. Understand what's important and what's not. Pick your focus and act.
Mr. Sundheim offers this daily strategy to help maintain focus.
  1. Write down your objectives for the next year.

  2. Identify the 3-5 primary buckets in which you spend your day (might be Admin, Development, Production, & Personal for instance).

  3. Write down active tasks in each bucket.

  4. Prioritize each list.

  5. Consult your objectives and pick the top 3 tasks across all buckets.

  6. Each day bring yourself back to them when you get off course.
Repeat daily.

Simple, eh? Sure. But it's all about the execution, as we all know.

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