Monday, February 05, 2007

Neal Thayer named Coast Guard's Ancient Consigliere

ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Ms. Chris Wehrenberg and Captain Joseph Re, both of the Office of Performance Management and Decision Support, presented Neal Thayer, an organizational performance consultant assigned to the Thirteenth Coast Guard District in Seattle, Washington, with a plaque designating him the Coast Guard's Ancient Consigliere. The Ancient Consigliere is an award similar to the Coast Guard's Ancient Mariner for cutter personnel or the Ancient Albatross for aviators; the Ancient Consigliere is the organizational performance consultant who has the longest continuous tenure within the consultants' cadre.

Mr. Thayer, a former Coast Guard officer, has been an organizational performance consultant with the Coast Guard for more than a decade. As the "Advisor to the Capofamiglia," Mr. Thayer serves as one of the key internal organizational consultants for the Coast Guard, providing counsel to all levels of the Coast Guard.

Captain Re and Ms. Wehrenberg presented Mr. an engraved crystal plaque which read:

Neal B. Thayer

Ancient Consigliere

Having served as an Organizational Performance Consultant for the longest continuous tenure

Advisor to the Capofamiglia

Inducted to the Order of Consultants, June 1996

Named Ancient Consigliere, February 2007

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