Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Army job opening: Organizational and Strategic Planning Analyst

Here's a job for someone.

Serves as a Army Capabilities Integration Center Organizational and Strategic Planning Analyst and staff action officer in the Program Management Division, with responsibilities for organizational and strategic planning issues. Independently plans and conducts both short-term and long-range strategic studies and reviews other broad scale actions/projects associated with ARCIC goals, efficiencies, increased productivity and reduced manning which directly affect the resource posture and the accomplishment of the ARCIC mission. Assesses the impact of resource and programmatic constraints upon the ARCIC organizational structure, management systems, and/or utilization of personnel. Provides guidance and direction for areas of studies/projects. Establishes overall milestones, conducts meetings, and consolidates staff notes/comments for response to installations and activities. Maintains close liaison with ARCIC staff subject matter specialists in activities.
Any CG OPC could do this with one hand tied behind their back.

Er, actually, probably not as it's difficult to type with one hand tied behind the back.

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