Friday, December 08, 2006

Working on our location for the May conference

Aaron and I are stuck at SFO, waiting for our flights. As much as we wanted to leave northern California a little early, we're both on red eye flights and were unable to make changes to an earlier flight.

I hate flying east.

I'm working on the costs for our Atlantic Area OPC conference. I am building a spreadsheet; you'll find the spreadsheet here. When you get a chance, please take a look. We're going to be making the decision based on best value to the government. To me, best value means a comparative low cost, no outrageous costs for any particular office (ie, it costs one office $3K, but everybody else gets away for $900), and wear & tear on the body (Hono would be out; sorry, folks).

I will be soliciting your input at some point soon. As always, questions/concerns, shoot 'em my way.

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