Friday, October 06, 2006

A graphical UPF...

Several years ago, I sat through a UPF workshop conducted by one of our superb colleagues. I thought the workshop went well, but I also thought the participants -- all senior Captains and a disctrict commander -- didn't get it. What they didn't get, I thought, was why this document is important, what the relationships of the stuff on the UPF are, and how the information can help in strategic planning.

The workshop was fine. The form sucks.

So, I came back and built the GUPF. Here it is:

As you click through it, you'll see that one slide builds upon the next. Yes, it's pretty convoluted by the end, but...

Anyone who wants to try and create a different mental model, please have at it. We need to nail this so that we have a working mental model that appeals to various people and makes things easier to understand.

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