Thursday, August 26, 2004

Make meetings great!

Well, folks, here I am attending QPC Basic. Danny and Chris decided I needed a little re-training, so they sent me back here to the LDC. I'm not sure how they figured that would help as it's pretty darn difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. But, nonetheless, here I am.

In truth, this has been a good two weeks, allowing me to refocus on what I and we are doing; it's also given me an opportunity to meet some new QPCs and some "quality professionals." Last week Charlie had me on the podium covering some consulting basics such as aligning and consulting, so I got a chance to poison the class. ;-)

I have picked up a slew of stuff, including this little gem: Let's make meetings GREAT!

  • Goals should be smart
  • Roles & rules
  • Expectations
  • Agenda
  • Time
Nifty, eh? I certainly thought so.

That's about it for now. See y'all in Portsmouth next month! If you haven't made your reservations... well, you might be out of luck!

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