Wednesday, September 24, 2003

A notion for “performance outcome” workshop

Our young presenters from The Performance Institute got me thinking about the intersection of two recurring themes from our time in Boulder: (1) the lack of perceived programmatic direction for units from higher authority and (2) a fuzziness around outcome measures at the program level.

I’d like to propose the following workshop idea and get your feedback & thoughts. I’ve written this as if MLCA is the sponsoring organization, but it would fit, I think, with any mid-operational command sponsoring.

Creating Programmatic Outcome Measures:

MLCA will sponsor a 1-day introductory workshop, “Creating Programmatic Outcome Measures” for interested program managers at MLCA, LANT, and D5. While the Coast Guard has embraced a number of strategic planning and management tools and processes, sometimes we have ignored outcome measures which can help drive performance. This workshop will provide program managers with a broad overview of outcome measures and introduce a method for developing outcome measures which can be used for performance management. The model supports the Commandant’s Performance Excellence Criteria and fits with the use of a balanced scorecard.

This workshop is appropriate for Program Managers – at MLCA, LANT, and D5 – who want to improve their program management through the use of an outcome-based systematic paradigm.

Additional thoughts on form and content:
-- Workshop setting… informal… roll-up sleeves kinda thing
-- Likely fairly small… anticipate minimal interest for first session, likely no more than 6 participants.
-- Marry content to that which we are already doing (such as CPEC, BSC, etc)

Rough agenda:
-- Purpose of session… what’s in it for program managers/value/why do this/include here cry from subordinate units for defined program outcomes
-- Introductions & “Burning Platform” exercise
-- Definition of outcome measure
-- CPEC overview & how this fits with CPEC (no more than 20 minutes… very broad/high-level)
-- Broad overview of BSC (use the chart on page 32 of Niven’s BSC book)
-- Develop outcome statement based on mission
-- Develop two intermediate goals
-- Define measures for both (/)
-- Fit to 2-4-7 model

Your thoughts? Feel free to blog here or send me an email.

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