Friday, October 03, 2003

TILA Thoughts

I agree with you Peter. I have a major concern, however that we (meaning our illustrious leaders) are not really ready to go down this road.

In order to get the results that TILA articulates, there has to be some radical changes in thought and many of the logistics components that are causing this organization a great amount of pain don't belong to the MLCA - the belong to Headquarters; i.e. ELC, AR&SC, C2CEN, FINCEN, HRSIC, etc...

Unless these key players are somehow placed within the same operating framework and are held accountable to play nice in the sandbox, I believe the entire initiative is doomed to be a mediocre strategy at best...

I believe, as I think you do, that we can utilize the CPEC criteria and some fancy consulting footwork to help alleviate this situation - but I don't think we can overlook the political dynamics that are at work in this organization.

When the organization's leaders are really serious about this, we will see behaviors at that level that will confirm their support - radical changes may be needed to get the results they have articulated - my question is "are they really ready to embark upon this journey?"

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