Tuesday, October 07, 2003

From Govt. Exec. The Management Agenda: Is this our Niche Market as QPCs?

From Govt. Exec.
The Management Agenda
October 7, 2003
Is this our Niche Market as QPCs?:
4. Tech officials troubled by lack of skilled federal IT managers
By Amelia Gruber

When Karen Evans takes over as the Office of Management and Budget's technology chief this month, she will face a shortage of well-trained federal IT project managers, according to panelists at a technology forum Tuesday.
Evans, scheduled to begin her new job as early as next week, will inherit an IT workforce adept at technological innovation but lacking in business acumen, according to Dan Chenok, branch chief for information policy and technology at OMB. The Bush administration is engaged in a major effort to develop skilled technology managers in-house, he said at a discussion hosted by the National Press Club.

Building a workforce with both scientific and management expertise should be one of the "defining concerns" of any CIO, said Scott Hasting, chief information officer of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Homeland Security Department. The government has already made some progress on recruiting MBAs and others with significant business experience to head IT initiatives, he said.

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