Thursday, September 25, 2003

Generic LANTAREA Cutter CPC?

Does the message below also address two recurring themes from our time in Boulder: (1) the lack of perceived programmatic direction for units from higher authority and (2) a fuzziness around outcome measures at the program level.
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Subject: RE: Commandant's Quality Award (CQA)


I left a voicemail with our LANTAREA QPC Coordinator, Dr. George Yacus to attempt track down LANTAREA's Strategic Plan.

I attended the USCG QPC Conference last week, where I successfully negotiated to allow CONFIDENCE into the CQA process. At the conference, we discussed conducting a generic Commandant's Performance Challenge (CPC) for major cutters with LANTAREA Cutter Staff and possibly another at COMDT (G-O) with output to include the measures and results that operational units could produce in alignment with OPCON/TACON. We would need to include the operational unit representation in the generic cutter CPC and I wonder if CONFIDENCE is interested?

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